Little Tokyo Historical Society

The Little Tokyo Historical Society (LTHS) was formed in 2006 by members of the Little Tokyo community to commemorate the Japanese American (Nikkei) and Japanese history and heritage through various means such as: archival collections, photos, exhibits, lectures, and workshops. LTHS operates as an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, comprised of members who have a keen interest in historical Little Tokyo. LTHS focuses on researching and discovering the historical resources, stories, and connections of sites, buildings, and events related to Little Tokyo as an ethnic heritage neighborhood as well as preserving and sharing the history and personal stories of Little Tokyo and its residents.

Updated April 2017

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California Alien Land Law Repeal: 65 Years Ago Today, April 17

In 1952, Sei Fujii, lawyer, civil rights activist, and newspaper publisher, stood before the California Supreme Court to challenge the Alien Land Law of 1913. Through skillful argument and mastery of the law, Fujii played a vital role in successfully overturning this unconstitutional law which violated the “equal protection of the laws” provisions of the 14th Amendment.

The Naturalization Act of 1870 had limited citizenship to “Free White Persons and Africans” thereby prohibiting persons of other ethnicities from becoming citizens; it was created specifically, however, in response to anti-Chinese unrest. Under California’s Alien Land Law, non-white and non-black persons ...

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