Melissa Kim

Melissa Kim grew up with a passion for writing, television, and adventure.  Her first experience with the theater was in the second grade, in an excellent performance examining the fascinating repertoire of punctuation. Upon graduating from The George Washington University with a B.A. in Electronic Media, she has worked in the entertainment industry, from indie film production sets and international television distribution to casting and rocking the polyester blue Page jacket at NBC.  When she's not writing, she may be waxing poetic about the days of The Goonies, Saved By The Bell, and Donkey Kong.

Updated December 2012 

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Tea, With Music -- Interview with Yumi Iwama

In Tea, With Music, actress Yumi Iwama plays Setsuko Banks, a Japanese war bride. This role was a particularly compelling and unique one for her, as the character and the story was not far from links to her own family’s experiences. Iwama discusses acting, identity, and facing adversity in her career.

YI (Yumi Iwama): Both of my parents grew up in Japan during the war years, and were the same age as Setsuko was during the war. So many of the experiences my character had in Japan are reminiscent of the stories I have heard from my parents. My ...

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