Justin Inahara

Justin is a Hapa from the Portland area, now living in Seattle whom is a lover of all things stylish. He spent his undergraduate years at Oregon State University and received a degree in Ethnic Studies focusing on Asian American studies. In addition to his co-founded website Half+Half, Justin also runs a small photography business and works in tech education for Coding Dojo. When he isn’t working he can be found playing volleyball, cooking, and traveling.

Updated January 2017

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Japanese New Year’s Meal

The migration over to Southeast Portland on the first day of the year is something that I will always remember. There were the times when the grass was crunchy with ice, where all we brought was a pillow to nap after the meal, and other times where some people (…I won’t out them here) were too hungover to take part in the best meal of the year. Regardless, New Year’s lunch at my grandparents place has been a constant in the years since I have been in this world.

New Year’s in Japan is the most important ...

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