Kurt Yokoyama-Ikeda

Kurt Yokoyama-Ikeda is an educator by profession, poet by passion. Hawaii-born, Torrance raised, this Shin-Nikkei serves the Greater LA community as a Civic Engagement Field Specialist for OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates. As a former high school teacher, Kurt preaches social justice to LA youth and puts it into practice as Board Secretary of the Japanese American Citizens League—Pacific Southwest District. His poetry is rooted in the incarceration story of his grandfather, informed by the Asian-American experience, and inspired by his work with high schoolers. You can find his poetry at socialjusticesaying.tumblr.com.

Updated September 2017 

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Nikkei a Descoberto: uma coluna de poesia

Mothers—affection, lost & found

This month, we take a somewhat different turn, in presenting some prose from longtime community organizer and LA-native, Kathy Nishimoto Masaoka, and a piece meant for the spoken word stage from Hawai‘i-born/Torrance-raised educator, Kurt Yokoyama-Ikeda. They both sent in pieces about their mothers and I found a yearning, discovery, and ode to their affection, however uniquely expressed over time. The pieces left me hoping they will continue to write and explore even more even about their mothers and how we find and express affection…enjoy.

—traci kato-kiriyama

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Kathy Nishimoto Masaoka was born and raised in multicultural Boyle Heights ...

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