Eliot John Hagen

Eliot John Hagen graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2013 with a degree in film. He landed an internship with the AD department on LINCOLN in 2010, which garnered him the contacts necessary to move to LA and get production work. Since moving to LA, he has also AD’d shorts, music videos, TV, and features, though writing remains his priority.

Updated May 2017

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A little over two years ago, at a cafe in Burbank, CA, I sat down with Richard Allen and Taran Gray to talk future projects. I’d worked with them as a 1st AD and associate producer in the past, so when Richard approached me to write a pilot about a Japanese American family in Post-WW2 San Francisco, I was excited. That meeting at the cafe probably lasted 30–40 minutes, and about a month later, I had a first draft of the story of the Takagi family.

The pilot and series follows Kenji Takagi, a veteran of the 442nd ...

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