Luis Takanobu Shimabukuro

Luis Takanobu Shimabukuro was born in Peru in 1946; he is the youngest son of Seitoku Shimabukuro. He has a degree in Agricultural Engineering and earned a Master's degree in Business Administration in Lima, Peru. Between 2008-2012, he lived in the Amazon region, where, based on his father's autobiography found inAmazon Sanka (1974), stories of his parents and his brothers. He is currently editing the text so as to have it published in Spanish. The title of he book will be "Descubriendo Amazonia (Discovering the Amazon)."

Updated November 2013

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Crônicas Nikkeis #2 — Nikkei+ ~Histórias sobre Idiomas, Tradições, Gerações & Raças Miscigenadas~

Un Alcalde oriundo de Okinawa

Navigating in a small motorboat without stopping from the town of Pucallpa (located south of Loreto Departamento) up the Ucayali river to the Huanuco Departamento - under normal conditions - takes up to 4 hours to reach the mouth of the Pachitea river and an additional 2 hours furrowing to reach Honoria town.

This town is located on the left bank of the Pachitea river. When I visited for the first time, there were approximately 200 houses with a population of just over 800 inhabitants, back then this vast region of the Peruvian Amazon area was not frequently traveled. The local inhabitants ...

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Crônicas Nikkeis #2 — Nikkei+ ~Histórias sobre Idiomas, Tradições, Gerações & Raças Miscigenadas~

A Japanese Chief

Yamato Taba arrived to Peru in 1921 from Okinawa, Japan, to harvest cotton in the Cañete area, 150 km south from Lima, the capital of Peru. At the end of his contract which he completed with great sacrifices, Yamato and his wife rented a little parcel of land where they grew vegetables and had sold their products in the town of Cañete and other locations. In a few years, they had saved enough money to be able to purchase the land that they had been renting before.

However, they knew that in 1912, the Morioka Shokay Migration Company ...

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