BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20180820T000000Z DTEND:20180824T000000Z DESCRIPTION:\n<span style="font-family: arial\, helvetica\, sans-serif\;">J oin us at Rai Rai Ken in the East Village to celebrate our 18th year of br inging traditional Tokyo-style Japanese ramen to NYC.&nbsp\;&nbsp\;Our loy al customers have been with us since 2000 and have made our growth possibl e. Please come enjoy our authentic Tokyo-style Shoyu Ramen at&nbsp\;<stron g>60&cent\; per bowl</strong>.\n\n<span style="font-family: arial\, helvet ica\, sans-serif\;">\n<span style="font-family: arial\, helvetica\, sans-s erif\;">Our restaurant is named after the original Rai Rai Ken\, an iconic restaurant in Asakusa that opened in 1910 by Kanichi Ozaki.&nbsp\;This re staurant revolutionized ramen in creating the iconic dish the world enjoys today\, adding new toppings and flavors and serving the first Shoyu\, or soy sauce-flavored\, ramen at the price of 60sen (60銭).\n\n<span style=" font-family: arial\, helvetica\, sans-serif\;">\n<span style="font-family: arial\, helvetica\, sans-serif\;">In honor of this legacy\, and inspired by the roadside ramen shop and masterful noodle-making in the 1985 film&nb sp\;<em>Tampopo</em>\, we set out to bring the same authenticity\, flavor\ , and quality to New York City. Rai Rai Ken\, one of the first specialty r amen shops in New York City opened in 2000.&nbsp\;\n\n<span style="font-fa mily: arial\, helvetica\, sans-serif\;">\n<span style="font-family: arial\ , helvetica\, sans-serif\;">To show our appreciation to the community that helped us grow from a small store\, which is now home to Hi-Collar\, to o ur current and larger space\, we would like to offer our signature Shoyu R amen in recognition of our proud history. This anniversary special will be available on a first-come\, first-served basis\, to the first 30 customer s every day for 5 days: Monday\, August 20\, 2018 thru Friday\, August 24\ , 2018.(East Village location only)\n\n<span style="font-family: arial\, h elvetica\, sans-serif\;">\n<span style="font-family: arial\, helvetica\, s ans-serif\;">Our history inspires us\, and our love for our craft continue s.&nbsp\;&nbsp\;We can&rsquo\;t wait to keep sharing our passion for ramen with you.&nbsp\;\n\n SUMMARY:Celebrating 18 years in NYC! $0.60 for Traditional Tokyo-style Rame n URL:/en/events/2018/08/20/celebrating-18-years-in-nyc-060-for-traditional/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR