BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20131109T000000Z DTEND:20131109T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Winter Boutique to Showcase Artists and Authors</strong >\n<em>&nbsp\;</em>\nJoin the Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj) for a popular line-up of Bay Area artists\, crafts people\, and guest aut hors at the annual Winter Boutique on November 9\, 2013\, at the&nbsp\;<st rong>San Jose Buddhist Church</strong>&nbsp\;gymnasium<em>\,&nbsp\;</em>64 0 N. Fifth Street\, in San Jose.&nbsp\;The general public hours are from 1 0:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Museum members will be admitted one hour earlier th an nonmembers.\n&nbsp\;\nWhen you come\, you will find a wide variety of A sian-inspired jewelry\, clothing\, home goods\, wall art\, and ceramics. T o satisfy your hunger\, bento boxes\, manju\, cookies\, and sushi will be available for purchase.\n\nThis year\, three accomplished authors will be in attendance and will bring their latest and most popular books for sale. They will gladly discuss their books and sign personal copies.\n\n<strong >Tom Graves\, author of&nbsp\;<em>Twice Heroes</em></strong>\nJAMsj is ple ased to have San Francisco writer&nbsp\;and photographer\, Tom Graves\, as a featured author at this year's Winter Boutique. To write his book\,&nbs p\;<em>Twice Heroes: America's Nisei Veterans of WWII and Korea\,</em>&nbs p\;Graves interviewed 98 Nisei veterans\, unveiling their personal battles against wartime suspicion&nbsp\;and racism.\n\n<strong>Naomi Hirahara\, a uthor of&nbsp\;<em>Strawberry Yellow</em></strong>\nPasadena native Naomi Hirahara is another featured author whom boutique attendees will want to m eet.<em>Summer of the Big Bachi\,&nbsp\;</em>Hirahara's first mystery\, wa s a finalist for Barbara Kingsolver's Bellwether Prize and was nominated f or a Macavity Mystery Award. Her most recent book\,&nbsp\;<em>Strawberry Y ellow</em>\, is the latest in a series of Mas Arai mysteries.\n\n<strong>K en Mochizuki\, author of&nbsp\;</strong><strong><em>Passage to Freedom: Th e Sugihara Story</em></strong>\nStop by and talk to Ken Mochizuki\, author of several notable books\, including<em>&nbsp\;Baseball Saved Us</em>\, t he story of a Japanese American boy's life as an incarceree during WWII. T he story unfolds as the boy establishes a baseball league to help pass the time.&nbsp\; His most recent work is&nbsp\;<em>Be Water\, My Friend: the Early Years of Bruce Lee</em>.\n\nMembers of JAMsj can enter at 9:00 AM.\n \nQuestions? Please contact Warren Hayashi at the Museum:<a href="http://s \;messageId=T3VhZEFyHkFyZ1v0EzU0k2E1NsRq9U5G&amp\;purpose=display&amp\;bod yType=html&amp\;reloadHack0.05452690948732197=true"></a>\, ( 408) 294-3138\, or access the web site\, (<a href=" m/dereferrer/? q1dxp3-51C-2R1mS4PCfrLPA-RN3jLxwNol9dAri9l5SZOJHCWPzshCH2sREr1U2j3-5_E5dck 8XoTssEsSgH3RiZtRwLxjgES4RpQ2r-INNa1EgdCrFVGyo9eX7T7tI3-bFMwuQqcr5CvV3Vyko Xt_mDpNpsd1CI%3D%26c%3DUf8hpQ96wzfOi1gxgwokHbyIG1ulVFqIE-BCddbY90win7zsVQu sLQ%3D%3D%26ch%3DzA23YCC0lL3XS8XSwJkxKPubahGrZb6tKzber3hAzQxKlTmR30h44w%3D %3D&amp\;lang=en" target="_blank"></a>). SUMMARY:JAMsj Winter Boutique URL:/en/events/2013/11/09/jamsj-winter-boutique/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR