1月 2018

GabyOshiro (Colorado, United States)

Artist and musician Gaby Oshiro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up in Treviso, Italy. In 2016, she shared the powerful story of her father’s abduction by the Argentine military when she was just five years old. She has not seen him since.

[EN] My favorite thing about collaborating with Discover Nikkei is that I get to share pieces of my life and my family with other Nikkei around the world. I also like reading the articles posted every week to learn about history, art, and life experiences. George Takei’s articles are among my favorites.

When Yoko Nishimura asked me to write an article in 2016, I couldn’t decline, even though it was a bit scary for me to write for an audience. I wanted to be a witness to my parents’ lives and deeds, and tell their story so that other people may know about them. Painting and singing were always “my thing,” so writing was out of my comfort zone. But this experience has opened a new way of expression for me that I now work on alongside my artwork.

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[ES] Me gusta colaborar con DN porque puedo compartir fragmentos de mi vida y de mi familia con otros Nikkei alrededor del mundo, me gusta también leer los artículos que se publican sobre historia, arte y experiencias de vida. También los que hablan de George Takei.

Cuando Yoko Nishimura, la editora de DN me pidió que escribiera un articulo en el 2016, al principio me dió un poco de miedo narrar para un público, pero la voluntad de hacer conocer la historia de mis padres fue mas fuerte. Siempre lo mío era pintar o cantar, poder escribir me abrió una nueva forma de expresión que llevo contemporáneamente con mi trabajo pictórico.

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11月 2017

roberto (Lima, Peru)

Roberto Oshiro Teruya is a Sansei Peruvian. He began writing for Discover Nikkei in June, contributing stories to Itadakimasu 2! as well as stories about his family and his identity.

[ES] Cuando navegaba por internet en una red social, veía que mis amigos nikkei siempre compartían artículos publicados en una página llamada Discover Nikkei, de esa manera empecé a entrar a este sitio, veía muchas publicaciones de nikkei de otras nacionalidades, con muchas experiencias similares a la mía, lo que me llamó mucho la atención fue la sección Itakakimasu, donde la gente contaba su experiencia alrededor de la comida, que en casa venían de nuestros abuelos, de generación en generación, hasta llegar a nosotros, en ella animaban a escribir su historia alrededor de la comida, cualquier persona podría escribir, es por eso que me animé y mandé un artóculo, seguí mandando artículos sobre el mismo tema, pero Yoko me aconsejó que escribiera otro tipo de artículos, así pudiera contar todas mis experiencias, recuerdos, que se relacionaban con mis raíces y es así como cada vez me acerco a ellas y con lo que escribo, deseo que la gente también se sientan identificados.

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[EN] Whenever I looked at social media on the Internet, I would see my Nikkei friends sharing articles from Discover Nikkei. That’s how I found out about the site. I saw a lot of articles about Nikkei of other nationalities with experiences similar to mine. One section that really caught my attention was Itadakimasu!, where people shared experiences related to food. At home, food customs and recipes were passed down by our grandparents, from generation to generation, until they reached us. Anybody can contribute to Discover Nikkei, so I decided to send in an article about food. I kept submitting articles on the same topic, but one day Yoko asked me to write other types of articles, so I began writing about experiences and memories related to my roots. I hope people can identify with what I write.

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10月 2017

carolcheh (California, United States)

Carol Cheh is a first-generation Chinese American whose parents came over from mainland China via Taiwan. She was born in Honolulu but now calls Los Angeles home. She is a writer and editor who is currently employed in the Communications Department at the Japanese American National Museum, where she works on a spectrum of materials that are published by the museum, such as newsletters, emails, program listings, and the museum blog. She is also part of the Discover Nikkei project team, where she helps to edit articles and emails, and contributes occasional articles of her own. Carol also maintains a freelance practice, writing about art for a variety of publications such as Art21 Magazine and Palm Springs Life.

My connection to Discover Nikkei began when Yoko called on me to help with editing some of the many articles that are submitted to the website on a daily basis. Each time I edit one of these articles, I feel like I learn something new and fascinating. I still think about Gaby Oshiro's gripping story of her disappeared father in Argentina; Henrique Minatogawa's affectionate tribute to Japanese grocery stores, in which I first learned the term konbini; and the profile of pastry chef Vivianne Wakuda, in which I learned the difference between wagashi and yogashi. The variety of stories that get told on Discover Nikkei, which span many different countries and different time periods, is truly remarkable. I have only contributed a few stories of my own to Discover Nikkei so far, but I look forward to contributing more in the future.

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9月 2017

katsuohiguchi (São Paulo, Brazil)

Nisei Katsuo Higuchi was born in the city of Pompéia, São Paulo, Brazil, and has lived for many years in the capital, São Paulo. A law school graduate, Higuchi is a businessman with a passion for working with people. His professional life has focused on human resources. Higuchi has also had a passion for writing from a young age, contributing to school newspapers, business publications, and more recently, the newspaper Nippo Brasil. Higuchi is married to a Nisei and has three children and two grandchildren.

[PT] O Discover Nikkei chamou minha atenção e interesse pela amplitude de sua circulação, global, e pela gama de assuntos que aborda, sempre focando algum assunto de interesse da Comunidade Nikkei espalhada pelo mundo todo. Considero, com isso, que o Discover Nikkei ajuda a aproximar e fortalecer os laços entre os japoneses e seus descendentes, mantendo vivas as tradições e cultura de um povo milenar.

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[EN] Discover Nikkei has drawn my attention and interest because of the extent of its global circulation and the range of subjects it addresses, always focusing on subjects of interest to the worldwide Nikkei community. I believe Discover Nikkei helps to bring Nikkei closer together, strengthening the bonds between the Japanese and their descendants and keeping alive the traditions and culture of an ancient race.

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8月 2017

daniyang8 (California, United States)

Dani Yang (daniyang8) is a half-Japanese, half-Chinese Sansei (third generation) from Los Angeles, currently attending UC Berkeley. She has been a participant in Japanese American Optimist Club, Rising Stars Youth Leadership Program, Yonsei Basketball Association, and Berkeley Asian Pacific American Theme House. This summer, she is volunteering with us at Discover Nikkei—posting Southern California obon festival event information and working on various articles.

By far my favorite aspect of Discover Nikkei is the sense of global connectivity that it provides through its variety of articles and contributors! As a California girl born and raised, I don’t get to see many other Nikkei communities outside of ones that I am already familiar with, so Discover Nikkei gives me a chance to explore international groups in great depth. It allows me to learn so much about Japanese peoples from all over the world in a unique and enjoyable way without having to travel outside of the US or even speak the language that the article was written in. Discover Nikkei is a wonderful resource not only for Nikkei peoples, but for all people who are curious about the way that a group’s culture can resonate through time and space.

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