Kizuna: Nikkei Stories from the 2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

The Great Tohoku Disaster - Part 1


I lived in Sendai, Japan (1995 to 2003) where I worked as an English teacher and correspondent for the Nikkei Voice newspaper in Toronto, Canada. I travelled extensively throughout the Tohoku Region that has been devastated by the March 11th tsunami and earthquake. My wife, Akiko, is from Sendai where ...

New Canadian Leader Focuses on Human Rights and Heritage - Part 2


>> Part 1 of interview with Ken NomaWhat does being Nikkei mean to you? How do you envision our connection with Japan?

New Canadian Leader Focuses on Human Rights and Heritage - Part 1


Sansei Ken Noma, 60, a well-known community activist whose involvement stretches back three decades, was elected as the new president of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) in October 2010.

Human Rights Hero Yuri Kochiyama


“Study history. Learn about yourselves and others. There’s more commonality in all our lives than we think… There is so much that unites us, which we do not learn.” Malcolm X (from Heartbeat of Struggle)One of the most important human rights activists of the past 60 years is ...

Jack, MosAika and Being Canadian


There really is no better place to contemplate what it means to be Canadian than in our nation’s capital, Ottawa.

Book Review: Looking Like The Enemy


“When I was seventy-four years old, I was invited to participate in a writing class and began writing about those war years. The damn broke loose when those emotions and tears I repressed for decades broke through, at times seemingly uncontrollable. At last, I was telling my story – a Nisei ...

Raymond Moriyama's Sakura Ball Speech - Part 3


Read Part 2 >>CHAPTER FOUR—AS A MAN DOING THINGS OTHER THAN ARCHITECTURESachi and I have covered the Seven Continents. What is the most important thing we were learning??? To listen to the world and know it is alive, not inanimate and dead to be exploited for Homo sapiens’ selfish ...

Raymond Moriyama's Sakura Ball Speech - Part 2


Read Part 1 >>CHAPTER TWO—AS A YOUTH 12/13 AND 18War is hell! Physically facing an enemy is hell! It is even more of a psychological hell when your own country, the country of your birth, without warning, insensitively and officiously stamps you an “enemy alien,” disowns you and ...

Raymond Moriyama's Sakura Ball Speech - Part 1


One of the most famous Canadian Nisei names is that of Raymond Moriyama, the internationally renowned architect of the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, the new Canadian War Museum in Ottawa and the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.

NAJC President Terumi Kuwada Interview


Come this fall, Terumi Kuwada, 63, the current National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC) will be stepping down to make way for her successor.

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*Sansei *Born in Toronto *Grandparents are from Shiga and Kumamoto kens* Families were interned in Kaslo, Bayfarm and on a Manitoba beet farm * Lived in Sendai, Japan from 1994 to 2004 * Teacher in Brampton, ON * Aikidoka * Writer for the Nikkei Voice for close to 20 years * Writer of "Canadian Nikkei series" which aims at preserving Canadian Nikkei stories. Future of the community? It depends on how successful we are in engaging our youth. The University of Victoria's (BC) Landscapes of Injustice project is a good one.... gambatte kudasai!


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