Japanese-Jew Doesn't "Oy Veh" So Much Since Obama


As a Japanese-Jew, I have historically used self deprecating humor at my own expense as a way to explain and defend to others who I was and to feel accepted.

Matzah Sushi


I had a joyous childhood, and an incredibly inspiring one as well, as a Japanese-Russian-Jewish girl growing up in Southern California during the 1970s. My life as a child was a colorful adventure filled with curious fascination and optimism, with everything intriguing and nothing mundane. I had my share of ...

Honoring Japanese American World War II Veterans


My Japanese American uncle just turned 90 this weekend, and here is his story about how he fought in World War II.

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Writer, Journalist and Author specializing in multicultural themes, art, politics, satire, comedy and popular culture for newspapers, books, radio, the web and television. Perhaps my greatest influence as a writer stems from my background of being half Japanese on my mother's side and Russian-Jewish on my father's side, which has inspired me to be more empathetic, interested and passionate about mixed race cultures and the varied human experience.
Raised in both Hawaii and Los Angeles by parents who are artists and former professors, I was exposed to a rich cultural and academic experience that still feeds my inspiration to create new work and continually progress and grow as a "Hapa" artist.
Some of my articles are featured in the Japanese- American National Museum exhibit entitled "Hapa-Japan, Visible and Invisible".
Currently I am writing two books about my mixed racial identity; one book will be a compilation of short humorous essays, while the other will be a novel about the 442nd Infantry.
Some of my articles can be read here on this wonderful site,


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