Paul Yoshio Tani

性別 Male
生年月日 1925-09-07
出生地 San Francisco CA, USA
入隊した年 1944-11-10, Jefferson Brks, St. Louis MO
入隊のタイプ Draftee
所属・部署 Army
兵役のタイプ War
所属部隊のタイプ Support
所属部隊 442nd Regimental Combat Team Replacement Pool, Ft. Meade, MD MISL E-21 (Graduated Snelling July 1945), Ft Snelling, MN Counter Intelligence Center School, Holabird, MD
特殊技能 Clerk Typist Rifleman
最終目標 Drafted into US Army 11/10/1944. Completed training as a replacement for the 442nd RCT at Camp Blanding, FL, 11/27/1944-03/24/1945. Qualified as Rifleman. In the 442nd Replacement Pool at Ft. Meade, MD when war in Europe ended. Assigned to Military Intelligence Service Language School at Ft. Snelling, MN. After completing 3 months of a 9-month training class, and because the war in Japan ended, I was certified as completing the MISLS course on 10/26/1945. While waiting for the next assignment, I accepted an offer to re-enlist into the Regular Army for one year, effective 11/21/1945. Assigned to the Counter Intelligence Center at Holabird Signal Depot, MD Completed the 2.5 months course of instruction on 4/26/1946. While waiting for assignment as a CIC Agent in Japan, I was placed in the Ft. Meade hospital because of cellulitis of my left ankle. While I was hospitalized, my classmates were shipped to Japan as CIC Agents. For the rest of my Regular Army enlistment, I was a clerk-typist and eventually, section chief in charge of Special Orders.
除隊した年 Ft. George G. Meade MD
所属部隊の役割 Replacement pool for 442nd RCT; Teach Japanese language; Counter Intelligence
所属部隊での個人的役割 Rifleman; Language Specialist; Clerk-typist.
軍隊生活で最も記憶に残っている出来事 Thanks to the Japanese American National Museum, one memory has been preserved. In a montage at the JANM, there is a photograph of eighteen soldiers in the Drum and Bugle Corps at Ft. Snelling. I am one of those soldiers.
個人的に軍隊経験から学んだ最も重要なこと I served the United States in the US Army for twenty-five months, and this entitled me to the benefits of the GI Bill of Rights. This enabled me to graduate from Stanford University with a BS (Math, 1949) and MS (Math, 1951).
その他の情報 Residence: Ashburn, VA. JAVA member.

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