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Interview: Kip Fulbeck


Kip Fulbeck was born in 1965 to a Chinese mother and English/Irish father.

This album introduces the following 19 clips from his interview on May 3, 2006 followed by his profile.

1. Early consciousness of identity

2. Finding parallels through art

3. Refusing to use a Chinese name to identify as Asian American

4. The Hapa Project

5. Perceptions of uniqueness

6. Defusing myths through The Hapa Project

7. Difficulty responding to the question “What are you?”

8. Lessons learned from The Hapa Project

9. Differing responses by gender to the Hapa Project

10. Identity as a conscious ongoing process

11. Japanese Americans are more aware of their Hapa identity

12. Hapa as his primary identity

13. Discomfort at being labeled by others

14. International dimensions of hapa identity

15. Issues of identity outside of America

16. Imposing identity upon others

17. Changing fortunes of “identity art”

18. The right to say who you are

19. Defining the term “Hapa”

* Original interview clips were posted in the Discover Nikkei Interviews section.

Album Type

Video interview

editor — 更新日 4月 02 2013 7:31 p.m.


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