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Incarceration Years: Lordsburg/Santa Fe, Seagoville, Amache Camp Photos and DOJ Documents

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Amache Dental Staff

Back row (L to R):
Dr. M. Okuda, Dr. J. Abe, Dr. Nagamoto, Hiroshi Ed Hamamura (USC dental school), Nooru Shimokawa (from Hawaii and USC), Dr Higaki

Middle Rows:
Easter Takei (between Dr Homma & Amy), Midori Wada (Grandmother Mutsu Wada Homma's sister behind Amy), Mrs. Ohaine (above Dr Hosaka), Teruko Shiina (partially hidden), Toshiko Ryozaki (behind Chiijo & Amy), Jean Sueoka (behind Teruko), Sumi Kawasaki (Joe’s sister far right)

Front Row (L to R):
“Pappy” Kotaro Katsura (from Hawaii), Dr. Kyushiro Homma (my Grandfather, USC grad), Amy Ishimaru, Dr. Hosaka (went back to Hawaii), Chiijo Sato, Kay Kiyoko Yusuhiro , Dr. Shiina

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Amache Dental Office
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Photo of amache dental office My Grandfather - Dr. Kyushiro Homma Back row (L to R): Dr. M. Okuda, Dr. J. Abe, Dr. Nagamoto, Hiroshi Ed Hamamura, Nooru Shimokawa (from ... More »

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