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Telling Our Stories: Japanese Americans in the San Fernando Valley, 1910's - 1970's

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Community Life

When the Japanese first migrated to the mainland, many were encouraged to “westernize” by becoming Christians, however others strived to keep their own religion by the establishment of Buddhist temples and such.

“I asked my parents, "You guys are Buddhist. Why did you send us to a Christian church? Being out in Valley, there was no Buddhist church out there. They said they figured any church is better than no church."

~ Bill Watanabe.

Based on this original

Memorial at Buddhist Temple 1964
uploaded by CSUNAsianAmericanStudies
Photo contributed by: Bill Watanabe Names of people: Unknown Date: 1964 Place: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. Photograph by: Unknown Photo size: Unknown Description: Furiyama family memorial service 1964. © California ... More »

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