West Coast Nikkei Eldercare: Planning for New and More Diverse Systems of Care

Nikkei eldercare was the right choice for my Japanese-speaking Issei grandmother, but will it be the choice my Nisei mother makes? What will I choose when I'm ready to renounce the joys and hassles of independent living? It was these questions that prompted this four-part series on the future of West Coast Nikkei Eldercare. Read on to see how nine different organizations are approaching the challenges of serving increasingly assimilated, diverse, and dispersed Nikkei communities.

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Part I - Nikkei Eldercare in Los Angeles

My mother is in some ways a typical Southern California Nisei. She has participated in organized Nikkei ballroom dance, camera club, and widow’s groups. She plays marathon card games regularly with a group of Nisei friends, and travels the world on organized Japanese-American tours. A lot of her time also seems to be taken up arranging club dinners or luncheons, or the entertainment and door prizes that are an expected feature of these events.

Although my mother is healthy and sharp-minded, she is at the age where she and many of her friends are thinking about the prospect of ...