American values she aligns with


Definitely the idea of following your passion as a career. Like many other parents, my parents wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer. And when I told them I wanted to be a teacher they were all like “What?” “Why?” but because I worked so hard at it, and I can make a living out of it…or I consider myself a teacher still…I think that they’ve come to very much respect that and be proud of that. So I think that’s one thing that’s very American of me, is to just kind of following my own passions and trying to make it on my own, that’s one big one.

I was just about to say I am sure outspoken. Maybe too much so for my parent’s liking. I think they raised me as such though; they raised me to have opinions and to share my opinions. But at the same time, be respectful of other people’s opinions too, if they don’t agree with mine. So I think that’s one that’s very American that I think even takes my grandparents a little bit for a ride. It’s like, oh this granddaughter of mine has a mouth on her. But I think it’s all in safe places and good places too. So, I like that part about me though.

日付: August 30, 2018
場所: California, US
Interviewer: Sharon Yamato
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum

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