BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20140315T000000Z DTEND:20140315T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Turning 90 for Hiroshi Kashiwagi simply marks his refinement as a writer/performer as he draws laughter\; pauses for deep\, knowing sighs \; and coaxes tears from his audience when reading from his book\,<em>&nbs p\;Starting From Loomis and Other Stories</em>. Join Kashiwagi on March 15 at JAMsj as he recounts the arc of his life in his latest memoir of short stories and reflects on the moments\, people\, forces\, mysteries\, and c hoices that have made him who he is.\n<a></a>\n\nCentral to this collectio n are his experiences as a Japanese American during World War II\, includi ng his imprisonment at Tule Lake\, which led to the lifelong stigma of bei ng labeled a "No-No Boy" after his years of incarceration. His nonlinear\, multifaceted writing not only reflects the fragmentation of memory induce d by the multiple traumas of racism\, forced removal\, and incarceration\, but it also can be read as a bold personal response to the impossible con ditions he and other Nisei faced throughout their lifetimes.\n\n&nbsp\;"It is&nbsp\;in fact everything that Kashiwagi doesn't say\, everything betwe en the lines of his pen\, everything hovering so delicately above the narr ative\, that is so heartbreaking and painful . . . These stories recuperat e from erasure the history of Japanese American immigration and wartime de tention\, especially that of the Tule Lake incarceration\, and the sensibi lities and trauma of a Nisei whose long life\, creative talents\, and desi re to write have allowed him to reflect on this past."<em>-Karen Tei Yamas hita\, University of California\, Santa Cruz</em>\n\nRecent Article:&nbsp\ ; "<a href=" XpW_aiODFEeLFIrAWRDQ6aY6HsYrKJJ3exMjVSjgaSHMOSCyjKZ_-3_Zof4WSxmR0SbN667nOS eWkF9z4J6qoinOWcaacOgudpeYHXPWMSHx-Y8yvCsWgdkr2iIbqM3IhONG7RchyOrlE8wRFpyU ZtVook7-Q2w1K1X2c0Q0wfZ47QoCU4bhcs4qxfe0zYm0TMxNQ%3D%3D%26c%3DZiWd0Nkt8rxV sez2i_mug-CxXeYSPcUyes5hNIpgICOyn8iV5T-UAQ%3D%3D%26ch%3DZCZVVa_yNVY9EHr4DX nGRiXOlQbSUVfW9QpF6BVrWav_Zj1pUj-cGQ%3D%3D&amp\;lang=en" target="_blank">A uthor Hiroshi Kshiwagi:&nbsp\; From Togan Soup to Plums Can Wait and Beyon d\, the Life of an American</a>" by Edward Yoshida\, January 13\, 2014\, D iscover Nikkei.\n\n<strong>Hiroshi Kashiwagi</strong><em>&nbsp\;is a Nisei writer\, playwright\, and actor\, as well as the winner of the American B ook Award in 2005 for&nbsp\;</em>Swimming in the American: A Memoir and Se lected Writings<em>.</em>\n\nCost: Free with admission to the museum (nonm embers\, $5\; students and seniors over age 65\, $3\; JAMsj members and ch ildren under 12\, free).&nbsp\;\nContact&nbsp\;<a href="http://service.mai\;messageI d=NDI5OGEmFGxkb17oB2JuhJ52ai%2FVzJtz&amp\;purpose=display&amp\;bodyType=ht mlNoExternals"></a>&nbsp\;or call (408) 294-3138 t o reserve a spot.&nbsp\; SUMMARY:Meet the Author: Hiroshi Kashiwagi author of Starting at Loomis URL:/en/events/2014/03/15/meet-the-author-hiroshi-kashiwagi-author-of-sta/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR