BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20120211T000000Z DTEND:20120211T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Date: <a>Saturday\, February 11\, 2012</a> \n Time:<a> 8:00PM</ a> \n Venue: San Jose Repertory Theatre\n <a>101 Paseo De San Antonio\n Sa n Jose\, CA 95113</a> \n Tickets: $25 adult/$20 students &amp\; seniors*\n General seating\n\n<strong>*Get a discount by pre-ordering your tickets! </strong> \n Call 408-293-9344 to place your order by 5pm on February 10\, and save $5 per ticket.&nbsp\;\n\nContact Information:\n San Jose Taiko\n 408-293-9344\n\n\nHIMAWARI (Sunflower) is the union of the performers of San Jose Taiko and Hanayui in a unique collaboration where cultural boundaries and aesthetic sensibilities are shared and tested. H IMAWARI will feature&nbsp\;the San Jose Taiko performing company\, the&nb sp\;three members of Hanayui - Chieko Kojima\, Yoko Fujimoto and Mitsue K injo\, and guest artist\, Yoshikazu Fujimoto of Kodo.\n\nThe project name - -HIMAWARI was selected for the sunflower's strength in character for re aching and following the sun\, a symbol of power\, energy\, clarity\, and knowledge\, and a source for nurturing and sustaining life.San Jose Taik o brings the power of the taiko and movement and Hanayui brings expertise of Japanese dance and song.\n\nBoth groups have been creatively exploring their common roots and new offshoots of their Japanese ancestry through music and dance---San Jose Taiko coming from the Japanese American commun ity in San Jose\, California and Hanayui coming from Kodo Village on Sado Island in Japan.The HIMAWARI program includes traditional folk songs and dance from Japan\; contemporary taiko drumming from America and a collab orative process that has combined all elements into something new and dif ferent. The program will showcase original arrangements from both Hanayui and San Jose Taiko and present the west-coast premiere of several collab orative works.\n\nFrom 2000-2002\, members of SJT and Hanayui collaborat ed&nbsp\;on creating material for the original Himawari (Sunflower) tour\ , a full-length concert program&nbsp\;that debuted in Hawaii in 2002. Alt hough the program was well-received by&nbsp\;critics and general&nbsp\;pub lic\, the project was unable to present within&nbsp\;the contiguous US st ates at that time.&nbsp\;Hanayui is returning to the states in February a nd&nbsp\;March of 2012\, and SJT suggested a revival of the Himawari&nbsp \;collaboration as a&nbsp\;way to present them in San Jose.\n\n*********\ n\nHanayui is a song and dance group made up of Kodo&nbsp\;members Chieko Kojima and Yoko Fujimoto joined by&nbsp\;Okinawan dance expert Mitsue&nb sp\;Kinjo. The Japanese word &ldquo\;hana&rdquo\; means &ldquo\;flower&rd quo\; and symbolized the youthful&nbsp\;energy&nbsp\;that Hanayui puts in to their performances. The word &ldquo\;yui&rdquo\; means &ldquo\;to&nbsp\ ;tie\,&rdquo\; and recalls the relationship formed in ancient&nbsp\;villa ges in Japan when&nbsp\;families came together to share in both hardships and harvests.\n\n<strong><em>Chieko Kojima</em> </strong> &nbsp\;Born in Iwafune\, Tochigi-prefecture\, Chieko first&nbsp\;encountered Japanese fo lk dancing when she joined&nbsp\;Ondekoza in 1976. When Kodo&nbsp\;was fo rmed\, Chieko carved out a niche for herself as one of the few regularly& nbsp\;performing female members. She is noted for the original style of h er dancing&nbsp\;in Kodo's taiko-based performance.&nbsp\;Chieko enjoys e xpanding her repertoire and&nbsp\;meeting new and stimulating people in h er travels across the globe.\n\n<strong><em>Yoko Fujimoto</em> </strong> & nbsp\;Yoko joined Ondekoza (later Kodo)&nbsp\;in 1976. After three years appearing as a Koto player\, singer and&nbsp\;dancer\, she&nbsp\;stepped down from the stage to edit the monthly Japanese language newsletter&nbsp \;'Kodo' for the next 13 years.&nbsp\;In 1989 she began to sing again and has been Kodo's&nbsp\;principal vocalist ever since. In 1996 she toured Cuba and North&nbsp\;America with&nbsp\;her husband Yoshikazu Fujimoto\, Kodo's principal O-daiko player\, giving&nbsp\;drum-and-song workshops.&n bsp\;She also conducts 'Voice Circle' workshops which help&nbsp\;particip ants to rediscover song and the power of their own&nbsp\;voices.\n\n<stro ng><em>Mitsue&nbsp\;Kinjo</em> </strong> &nbsp\;Okinawa-native Mitsue Kin jo entered the Okinawan dance&nbsp\;groupe &quot\;Hana no Kai&quot\; in 19 79 and was&nbsp\;trained by Takako Sato. It was&nbsp\;through her activit ies in Okinawan dance that Mitsue first encountered Kodo.&nbsp\;Later\,&n bsp\;after receiving the Okinawa Times Highest Award for Achievement in the&nbsp\;Performing Arts\, Mitsue married a Kodo&nbsp\;member and moved t o Sado Island. Mitsue&nbsp\;first participated in the Kodo Village Festiv al as a member of Hanayui\, and&nbsp\;has&nbsp\;continued in to participa te as a dancer in other capacities since. 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