ICU Alumni Club of S. California/ Career Planning O-Enkai for the Exchange Students

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1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.

Recreation Room
100 S. Doheny Dr.
Los Angeles, California, 90048
United States

ICU Alumni Club of S. California is hosting its anual event "Career Planning O-Enkai" again for the exchange students studying in S. California.  This year, ICU students are currently studying at UCSB, UCLA, UCI, UCR and UCSD.  Whether on the 'ICU-UC Study Abroad Program' or privately, all the ICU students studying in S. Cal are welcome.  OBs talk about their career stories after graduation and students share their future plans.  This event is not designed to give actual employment support but to share career views, build network, and talk together and have fun!  Thus it also means o-enkai, let's party! We wish to have many ICU graduates, OYR, ICUHS graduates, and friends interested in ICU join us and mingle with young students.  For more information, please contact Masako at

The attached photo was taken at the Lunch held in November 2015 to welcome this year's exchange students.

We were lucky to have ICU alumna and a Casting Director Yoko Narahashi join and give a very interesting talk last year!




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