Early Furniture by George Nakashima, 1936-1956: The Architect Designs

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2009年10月9 2009年12月24

Moderne Gallery
111 North Third Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106
United States

From press release:

A groundbreaking exhibition: the first to focus exclusively on George Nakashima's early years and works that were the basis for his artistic development

Focusing on the master craftsman's development during the first 20 years of his oeuvre, a historic exhibit titled "Early Furniture by George Nakashima, 1936-1956: The Architect Designs" will be presented at Philadelphia's Moderne Gallery from October 9 – December 24, 2009, 111 N. Third Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. (www.modernegallery.com).

This groundbreaking exhibit promises to make a major contribution to the field, tracing the developments of George Nakashima's early years as he began to form his unique vision. While many people know Nakashima's mature work, the striking natural wood forms with raw edges and organic shapes, few are aware of his beginnings and the evolutionary thinking that informed his original woodworking.
Trained as an architect, Nakashima produced work in this early period that laid the foundation for his transformation into a master woodworker and furniture designer. "Early Furniture by George Nakashima, 1936-1956: The Architect Designs" provides an insightful understanding of the innovative furniture designs that led to Nakashima's initial success and to his international recognition in the worlds of art and design, during his lifetime and since his death in 1990.
One of the truly formative furniture designers of the 20th Century, George Nakashima led the way and influenced all who came after him by forging a unique and unprecedented body of work. He is a central figure in "reinventing design" in the 20th Century

For more info seewww.modernegallery.com


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