Japan-in-America: The Turn of the Twentieth Century

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4月 20062 12月 200620

Mathers Museum of World Cultures
Indiana University at Bloomington
416 North Indiana Avenue
Bloomington, Indiana, 27208
United States

Japan-in-America: the Turn of the Twentieth Century is an exhibit I currently have on display at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures on the campus of Indiana University (Bloomington, IN). The exhibit features a wide range of artifacts from the period drawn from my collection, including sheet music, magazine covers, glass lantern slides, photographs, and books.

The website and digital archive accompanying the exhibit can be accessed at http://www.indiana.edu/~jia1915/ This site includes image galleries covering stereoview cards, children's books, editorial cartoons, and other examples of popular media forms in the United States from 1890-1915 that featured representations of Japan and the cross-cultural encounter between Japan and America.

I'd very much like to receive comments and suggestions about this long-term research project. Please send comments to me at gwaller@indiana.edu




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