Charles Tadashi Takahashi

Sexo Male
Fecha de Nacimiento 1941-9-29
Lugar de Nacimiento Hilo HI, U.S.A.
Inducted 1959-8-1, Hilo HI
Tipo de Alistamiento Volunteer
Afiliación Militar Army
Tipo de servicio prestado Peacetime
Tipo de unidad militar Support
Unidades a las que sirvió 21st Finance Co. - Seoul, Korea; Quartermaster Corp. - Camp Drum, NY
Especialidad militar Accounting clerk
Asignado Fort Ord, CA; Ft. Drum, NY; Seoul, Korea
Retirado Schofield Barracks HI
Responsabilidad en la unidad To a.) handle finances of the Seoul Area Command, b.) provide supplies for the First Army Command
Responsabilidad individual a). accounting b). budgeting and accounting
Reconocimientos, medallas, menciones (individuales o de la unidad) Expert badge for marksmanship
Condiciones de Vida Usually comfortable sleeping quarters in barracks, sometimes 2 to a room at certain stations or in a bay area with rows of double bunks. Bathroom and shower facilities were provided in barracks. Heat was provided during winter. Meals were adequate - variety of foods and beverages were available. Entertainment consisted of movies, service clubs to see live shows, enlisted mens' clubs for meals or drinks, hunting, fishing, softball and basketball games.
Recuerdo más vívido de la experiencia militar Living in Korea was a culture shock. The differences were so great between the affluent and the poor in terms of their living conditions, dress, food, etc. On the one hand, the affluent had regular flush toilets while the poor urinated in the streets. In general, as individuals, the people were polite. However, in public, they resorted to pushing and shoving when in line, etc.
Lo que más extraño durante su tiempo en las fuerzas armadas My immediate family and my mother's cooking and baking.
¿En lo personal, qué obtuvo de su experiencia militar? Serving in the military provided me with opportunities to gain various job experiences, to travel stateside as well as overseas, and to obtain necessary leadership skills. All of the experiences helped me to mature and to be better prepared for civilian life.

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