San Jose Taiko and CAVA - 1st and Central Summer Concerts 2007


On Thursday, July 26, 2007 starting at 6:30pm, CAVA and San Jose Taiko came to the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo to perform as part of the 2007 1st and Central Summer Concerts series. This program is put on by the Museum, and offers free concerts throughout the summer, right outside of the Museum entrance. Other performers include Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca, Enzo Avitabile and Bottari, and more!

CAVA is a latin music group comprised of Claudia Gonzalez on vocals, cajon, juarana and taiko, Walter Miranda on piano, electric keyboard and bass, Alfredo Ortiz on drums and timbales and Taiko Master Maceo on taiko. CAVA's Latin powered Jazz, mixed with influences of Peruvian soul, Cumbia, Salsa, Afro-Cuban music and Ska, captivated the audience that night.

San Jose Taiko was founded in 1973, and is under the artistic directorship of Roy and PJ Hirabayashi. SJT mixes the beats of traditional Japanese drumming with African, Balinese, Brazilian, Latin and jazz percussion rhythms as well. The group currently has 15 performing members and three apprentices.

This collection is composed of pictures from the concert, pictures of both CAVA and San Jose Taiko. It captures the spirit, the art, the power and the love for music that the groups share. Enjoy!

Photographs by Richard Murakami.

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This is CAVA at its best, in front of the Japanese American National Museum. From left to right: Walter Miranda, Alfredo Ortiz, Claudia Gonzalez, and Maceo Hernandez.

1st and Central Concert Series - CAVA (all)
Contributed by: eishida

Claudia Gonzalez

Claudia is the lead vocalist for the group, CAVA. She is excellent, and she captivated the audience that night with her strong voice as well as her enthusiasm. It was a wonder she didn't tire from singing, encouraging her band, AND playing taiko. She was a delight to watch.

1st and Central Concert Series - CAVA
Contributed by: eishida

Taiko Master Maceo Hernandez

Maceo Hernandez is 25% of the four person band, CAVA. Hernandez specializes in taiko, and is also the leader of East LA Taiko.

1st and Central Concert Series - Taiko Master
Contributed by: eishida

CAVA Guest Performer

To finish their set, CAVA brought out a guest performer to accompany the group. She played taiko, as is apparent from the picture.

1st and Central Concert Series - CAVA Guest Performer
Contributed by: eishida

SJT Smiley

After CAVA performed, San Jose Taiko took the stage. I feel like this picture really represents the energy of the entire team. Their stage presence is admirable. The photos that follow continue to show San Jose Taiko's spirit, power, unity and enthusiasm.

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko
Contributed by: eishida

PJ Hirabayashi

PJ was a founder of San Jose Taiko, and is the current artistic director for the group. She came to the concert, watched and enjoyed CAVA, then changed into her uniform to perform with her team! The show was a great one. :)

1st and Central Concert Series - PJ Hirabayashi
Contributed by: eishida


This picture shows San Jose Taiko's excellent stage presence, something they are well known for!

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko 4
Contributed by: eishida


Here, a San Jose Taiko member plays on three drums, showing her ability and versatility.

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko 2
Contributed by: eishida

A Birdie's Perspective

From this view, one can see the size and nature of the audience during San Jose Taiko's performance. The team absolutely captured the audience's attention.

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko Audience
Contributed by: eishida

Taiko Enthusiasm

This pictures displays the enthusiasm that the team felt and emitted as they played for the audience that night.

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko Enthusiasm
Contributed by: eishida

Team Spirit

This picture features their team spirit and unity, as one member strongly cheers on his teammate as she performs her solo.

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko Team Spirit
Contributed by: eishida

Looking Up

This picture showcases the unifying and powerful choreography that San Jose Taiko uses to captivate their audiences. It looks even better from this angle!

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko 5
Contributed by: eishida


It is clear from this picture that not every song is fun and exciting. Her expression shows that this team does take taiko very seriously.

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko Focus
Contributed by: eishida


I love this picture, and it seems like a perfect one to end the album. The interaction between these two players was beautifully captured. Their facial expressions really suggest a sense of energy, of unity and of team spirit. It is from each other that they get the strength and …

1st and Central Concert Series - San Jose Taiko 6
Contributed by: eishida

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