Japan Journal

A collection of Norm Ibuki's writings from 1995 to 2004 about his experiences while living in Sendai, Japan. Originally published in the Nikkei Voice (Toronto) newspaper.

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Jazz in Sendai with Kei Akagi

I recently met jazz pianist Kei Akagi quite by chance.

My school recently got a distinguished new student, Masao Honma, a Sendai-based classical music composer. He wants to improve his English so he can communicate better with his English-speaking peers. The other teachers said Mr. Honma, despite being middle-aged, was a quick learner. So I wanted to make his acquaintance.

I was impressed by how quickly he picked up new grammar structures. I’d just arrived from a short tour of Tohoku so I recapped it for him; he’s from Aomori, close to Kanagi, novelist Osamu Dazai’s hometown ...

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The Joys of Eating Soba

“Noodle dishes are very popular, as they make a delicious and filling simple meal. It’s all right to make slurping noises while eating them—the extra intake of oxygen is said to add to the taste.”
     —Berlitz-Japanese Phrase Book and Dictionary

“Haiku and soba match the spirit of Tokyo.”
     —Basho (1644-1694)

If there is a time of year when I long for the tastes and smells of my youth it’s around December, amidst the annual onslaught of holidays with my birthday plunged right in the middle. Like most Nikkei, I imagine, I developed an early taste for sashimi ...

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