Crónicas Nikkei #1 — ¡ITADAKIMASU! Sabores de La Cultura Nikkei

Para los Nikkei de alrededor del mundo, la comida es a veces la más fuerte conexión que tienen con la cultura. A través de las generaciones, el lenguaje y la tradición se pierden, pero esta última permanece en la comida.

Descubra a los Nikkei recolectó historias de alrededor del mundo relacionadas al tema de la cultura de la comida nikei y su impacto en la identidad nikei y en las comunidades. Esta serie presenta estas historias.

Aquí están sus favoritas:

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Seeking It Out: A Hapa Shin-Nisei’s Grasp at Culture

My favorite large Japanese market is about 30 miles away, which feels pretty far away when there’s a nice family-owned JA market just down the street. But at times like this, it’s definitely worth the journey. This week they had their Hokkaido food fair. I love going to Mitsuwa’s various regional food fairs for one yummy reason—they almost always feature a variety of freshly made regional fishcakes, each type featuring a different set of special ingredients. I enjoy the pre-packaged variety too, but nothing compares to expertly prepared fresh fishcake. Regional ramen, bento, desserts, and other ...

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A Japanese-Jewish Family Remains Bonded through Shared Recipes

My earliest memory is a black and white image of my young, round face peering over my parent’s dinner table. I can still smell the sweet and endless aromas that swelled from the kitchen and made their way into the dining room that anchored our family home.

All curious-faced and wide-eyed, I would climb on my father’s large art books to catch a glimpse of my mother’s Japanese and American dishes that warmed my every sense and sensibility.

On any every given night, I was thrilled to see warmed platters of shabu-shabu or sukimono; tsukemono or takoyaki ...

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The luau stew from Heeia Pier

A recipe that will take you back to old places and times—even if you’ve never been there

I am a townie, and grew up as such, though I have scattered memories of long weekend drives in the old white Impala. We ended up one time on an empty beach in Waianae with our dog, Kiko, a short-legged corgi bouncing away from the waves, and another time on a road by a wall of cane, gnawing on lengths of sweet, peeled stalks. And one time, only once, we happened upon a hukilau.

It’s the memory of that that ...

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The Aunties at Temple

I see in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald newspaper that novelist Lois-Ann Yamanaka is reading at the Kinoole Farmer’s Market. “Jean Yamanaka” is the contact name, so she must be in town visiting her mom or other relatives. I love her work and plan to go, excitedly gathering up all her novels to ask her to sign.

But instead, the books bake in my car as I let myself get caught up with the older Japanese American ladies at the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist temple.

I thought I could go to services 9-10 and then cut out quickly to go to the ...

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晩ご飯は白米という基本パターンは守っていたが、おかずはやはりコロッケやカツ ...

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