George Yoshida

George Yoshida is keeping it real in El Cerrito, CA.

Updated December 2006

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Ralph L. Carr’s Legacy

On March 14, 2008, Representative Rob Witwer presented House Resolution HJR08-1010 to rename part of Colorado Highway 285 as the “Ralph Carr Memorial Highway” which passed in the Colorado House of Representatives and Colorado Senate unanimously, in honor of Governor Ralph Carr who stood up to protect the Constitutional civil rights of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Following the passage, George T. Sakato (442nd RCT and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor), veterans of the Military Intelligence Service, other WWII vets, Korean War, and other Army veterans were welcomed by the legislators and recognized individually for their service ...

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Nikkei Heritage

Still Swingin'

I had no misgivings about my 65th birthday. But when the day finally arrived, an overpowering feeling gripped me. A voice echoed and re-echoed: "Senior citizen, senior citizen, old, old, retire, retire!"

Clearly, I do not feel as if I were a member of the ever-expanding population of the elderly. I still get my kicks "getting down" to funky Motown tunes (Marvin Gaye's "Heard It On The Grapevine" is still a favorite). Forget "In The Mood." Got rid of my plaid pants and baggy-sleeved golf sweaters years ago. I connect comfortably with the Sansei "Pepsi generation." Yet, the outer ...

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