Yakima Valley Museum

Founded in 1951, the Yakima Valley Museum is located adjacent to beautiful Franklin Park. This 65,000 SF facility offers historical exhibits on the Yakima Valley—its natural history, American Indian culture, pioneer life, early city life, and the roots and development of the Valley’s fruit industry. The museum also has a superb collection of horse-drawn vehicles, from stagecoach to hearse; a historical exhibit and reconstruction of the Washington D.C. office of former Yakima resident and environmentalist, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas; and a changing schedule of special exhibitions.

Updtaed August 2015

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Yakima Family’s Heart Mountain Softball Illustrates Japanese Incarceration Story at Smithsonian

Seventy three years ago, a contingent of 1,018 Japanese and Japanese Americans left the Yakima Valley in the State of Washington and were sent to the Portland Assembly Center in Oregon due to President Franklin D. Roosevelt signing of Executive Order 9066 that sent Japanese and Japanese Americans living along the Pacific Coast to Japanese incarceration camps during World War II.

The Yakima Valley contingent finally arrived at the Heart Mountain Japanese Relocation Center in Wyoming in August of 1942 and began a life of coping the best they could to make a temporary home in barrack apartments and ...

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