Yuka Takeda

Yuka Takeda is from Aichi Prefecture. She went to the U.S. when she was studying at Graduate School/School of Economics at Nagoya University. After learning some business in Los Angeles and Seattle, she worked as an intern reporter at The North American Post, a nikkei newspaper publisher in Seattle. She then returned to Japan and has been doing research on Japanese companies developing their business in different cultures. She is expected to graduate in March, 2018.

Updated October 2016

food en ja

Pursuing Seattle Japanese Cuisine

Pursuing Japanese food and service culture with American hospitality, a restaurant was opened last year near the Pike Place Market. Notable and legendary local chef Shiro Kashiba and his veteran partners’ Sushi Kashiba has been packed everyday with sushi lovers hoping to experience the high-quality Japanese cuisine.

“Edomae sushi, a traditional Japanese food, following a basic technique is simple,” Kashiba said. “We consider how we can serve customers the right way.”

Kashiba is joined in his concept by six other partners, most of whom have experience owning local restaurants, to open his new restaurant. This is like a reunion for ...

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