Denise Sakaki

Denise Sakaki is a writer, photographer and graphic designer, always hungry for creative expression. She is the creator behind the food/travel/cooking blog Wasabi Prime, and her work has been noted in New York Magazine's Grub Street, The Kitchn and featured in Foodista's Best of Food Blogs Cookbook. Her writing and photography can be seen in 425 Magazine, Drink Me Magazine and Serious Eats

Updated July 2013

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Food Trek: My Pidgin Kitchen

In Hawaii they speak a form of Pidgin English, which is basically a language mish-mash of the different cultures that make up the islands today.

There are Native Hawaiian words, Japanese, Chinese, etc., all tossed together with English and smashed together…well, like a big loaf of Spam. And that’s just what the food culture in Hawaii is like, a mish-mash of different cuisines that all manage to work well on the plate, even Spam. Especially when it’s in fried rice.

It wasn’t until I started a food blog that I realized how strong an influence Hawaii ...

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