John Saito, Jr.

John Saito, Jr. is the former editor of the English Section of the Rafu Shimpo .

Updated Winter 2001

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Japanese American National Museum Magazine

Letters of Conscience

I’m missing my good American friends very much. I wish this horrible war would stop right now so I could go back to my home farm and see the old Palos Verdes again.
—excerpt of a letter to teacher Afton Dill Nance, date September 13, 1943, from Amache, Colorado

She wrote them telegrams, mailed letters of encouragement, and sent care packages that included books, checker sets, a fingernail clipper, cookies, fresh cherries, and ripe peaches. On one student’s birthday, she sent a comb and compact set.

Instead of polishing an apple, her students repaid their teacher the only ...

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