Hayley Johnson

Hayley Johnson is the Head of Government Documents at Louisiana State University. Hayley has worked with government documents for the past seven years and works to highlight the importance and relevance of government documents to both historical and present day issues. She was previously at the Louisiana House of Representatives. She is currently doing grant-funded research investigating Camp Livingston, LA as a little-known site of Japanese American internment. She can be reacted at camp.livingston.la@gmail.com.

Updated September 2017

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Louisiana’s Camp Livingston and Internment: A Hidden History

Ask any Louisianan about the internment that occurred in the state during World War II and you will most likely hear tales of the German POWs held in various areas across Louisiana. However, most are unaware of the internment of Japanese aliens at Camp Livingston, twelve miles outside of Alexandria, Louisiana. Literature abounds on the experiences of those held in War Relocation Authority (WRA) camps yet information of those men in alien detention facilities is much sparser.

We too were unaware of this piece of Louisiana history. Our journey began with a chance reading of an article on Muslim American ...

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