BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20190713T000000Z DTEND:20190714T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Zenshuji Soto Mission annual summer Obon Festival. This family event is a cultural event of authentic ethnic food\, entertainment and dis plays. If you enjoy sushi\, udon\, teriyaki\, snowcones\, fresh corn or if you're a little adventurous\, we even have grilled octopus. There are pla nts\, flowers\, and fresh produce for sale and a white elephant booth.&nbs p\;\nFor entertainment\, we have singers\, demonstrations\, and our famous Zendeko taiko troop. Admission is free and the general public is welcome. We're located in Little Tokyo.\nObon Festival features Bon Odori (folk da ncing)\, live music and taiko\, flowers\, carnival games\, cultural exhibi ts\, and drinks/delicious food.\nTraditional dance\, food\, music and game s for the whole family. It is a bright\, charming event in the heart of th e city for families and people of all ages.\n<strong>Zenshuji Obon Festiva l Food</strong>\nBBQ Chicken &amp\; Beef\, Sushi\, Ohagi\, Udon\, Umeboshi \, Takoyaki\, Ikayaki\, Okinawa Dango\, Wonton Chicken Salad\, Corn\, Tama les\, Taco\, Baked Goods\, Snow Cones\, Kintoki\, Beer\n<strong>Obon Festi val Exhibits</strong>\nTea Ceremony Demonstrations\, Ikebana Exhibits\, Ta iko Drumming\, Carinval Games\, Karaoke Contest\, Shorinji Kempo\, Folk Da ncing\, Folk Music. Please check the performance schedule on Zenshuji webs ite.\nAdmission is free and open to the public. Cash only for the food.\n\ n<strong>Bon Odori Dance\n</strong>Sat: 6:00 pm\nSun: 6:15 pm\n<strong>Zen shuji Obon Service&nbsp\;\n</strong>1:30 pm SUMMARY:61st Zenshuji Soto Mission Annual Summer Obon Matsuri Festival - Lo s Angeles URL:/en/events/2019/07/13/61st-zenshuji-soto-mission-annual-summer-obon-mat s/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR