BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20131214T000000Z DTEND:20131214T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>FREE ALL DAY!</strong>&nbsp\;\nJoin us for winter-theme d fun at our Winter Wonderland Target Day!&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>SCHEDULE:</st rong>&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>11AM - 2PM:</strong>&nbsp\;Join Kidding Around the Kitchen for a simple\, yet delicious\, Winter Wonderland cereal mix recip e that will make a delicious snack as well as a fun home-made present the kids will be so proud to give away to family\, friends and teachers alike. \n\n<strong>12PM - 2PM:</strong>&nbsp\;Bring the whole family to take a pi cture with Asian American Santa Claus. And don&rsquo\;t forget to let him know what you want for Christmas!&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>12:30PM &amp\; 2:30PM: </strong>&nbsp\;Join us for a guided tour of the Go For Broke: Japanese Am erican Soldiers Fighting on Two Fronts exhibition.&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>1PM - 3PM:</strong>&nbsp\;Take a dash through the snow&mdash\;or rather asphalt &mdash\;on a horse-drawn-carriage-on-wheels that will be fun for the whole family!&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>1PM &amp\; 3PM:</strong>&nbsp\;Come and watch&n bsp\;<em>Star in a Glass Jar</em>\, a winter-time story performed through< em>kamishibai</em>&nbsp\;(paper drama)\, a Japanese art form of storytelli ng. The story is about an incredible adventure of one child&rsquo\;s lette r with no address which finds its way to the other side of the world. Pape r character craft to follow performance.&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>ALL DAY ACTIVIT IES:</strong>&nbsp\;\n\n&bull\; Decorate a photo frame to hold your pictur e with Asian American Santa!\n&bull\; Construct a tiny winter wonderland t o fill with seasonal cheer.\n&bull\; Ruthie's Origami Corner: Make a winte r reindeer.&nbsp\;\n<em>Generously sponsored by Target\, these special Sat urdays are filled with fun activities giving families unique ways to learn \, play\, and grow together.</em>&nbsp\;\n\nCheck out our other fun and fr ee&nbsp\;<a href="">Family Fest ivals</a>!&nbsp\; SUMMARY:Target Free Family Saturday: Winter Wonderland URL:/en/events/2013/12/14/target-free-family-saturday-winter-wonderland/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR