BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20120623T000000Z DTEND:20120623T000000Z DESCRIPTION:On June 23\, 1982\, Vincent Chin died in Detroit\, the victim o f a hate crime murder. Thirty years later\, Asian Americans and Pacific Is landers continue to face discrimination and bullying. In light of recent t ragedies like the extreme hazing of Pvt. Danny Chen and the continuing eff ects of 9/11\, what can Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and allies d o to stand up against racism and discrimination?\n\nPlease join us for a o ne-hour panel discussion via a live\, national-wide Google Hangout on Air with leading voices from the nonprofit and legal communities as we address these timely issues.\n\nViewing parties have been organized in more than 30 cities and individuals can tweet in questions at #VC30.\n\n<a href="htt p://" target="_blank">http://www.apaforprogress .org/vc30</a>\n\n10:30 am - doors open\n11:00 am - national google hangout on air event\n12:00 pm - local discussion with Stewart Kwoh (Executive Di rector\, Asian Pacific American Legal Center) and LA County Supervisor Mar k Ridley-Thomas\n1:00 pm - reception and networking\n\nL.A. cosponsors\nAP AIT Health Center &bull\; Asian &amp\; Pacific Islanders California Action Network &bull\; Asian Pacific Alumni of UCLA &bull\; Asian Pacific Americ an Bar Association\, Los Angeles (APABA-LA) &bull\; Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center &bull\; Asian Pacific American Legal Center (AP ALC) &bull\; Asian Pacific American Women Lawyers Alliance (APAWLA) &bull\ ; Blacklava &bull\; Chinese American Citizens Alliance\, Los Angeles Lodge &bull\; Chinese American Museum &bull\; Council on American-Islamic Relat ions-LA &bull\; Japanese American Bar Association &bull\; Japanese America n National Museum &bull\; Korean Resource Center &bull\; Leadership Educat ion for Asian Pacifics (LEAP) &bull\; Nikkei for Civil Rights &amp\; Redre ss &bull\; OCA-GLA &bull\; Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association &bull\; Taiwanese American Lawyers Association &bull\; Vietnamese America n Bar Association of Southern California\n\nL.A. supporters\nAPI-Equality LA &bull\; Asian Pacific American Legislative Staff Network &bull\; Asian Pacific Policy Planning Council &bull\; Comcast &bull\; East West Players &bull\; KAYA-LA &bull\; Japanese American Citizens League PSW &bull\; Kore an American Bar Association &bull\; Korean American Democratic Committee & bull\; Korean Churches for Community Development &bull\; LMU - Asian Pacif ic Student Services &bull\; Mavericks of Asian Pacific Islander Descent &b ull\; Media Action Network for Asian Americans &bull\; NAPAFASA &bull\; Pa n Asian Community Together &bull\; Philippine American Bar Association &bu ll\; Pi Delta Psi &bull\; Search to Involve Pilipino Americans &bull\; Tai wanese American Citizens League\n\nMedia Sponsor\\nAngryAsianM\nBlacklava\nKoreAm Journal\ SUMMARY:Vincent Chin 30: Standing Up Then and Now [LA Event] URL:/en/events/2012/06/23/vincent-chin-30-standing-up-then-and-now-la-even/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR