BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20070416T000000Z DTEND:20070416T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>***UCLA Premiere for Tadashi Nakamura's new film PILGRI MAGE***\n\n***FREE musical performances by NATIVE GUNS***\n\n\nPILGRIMAGE - A film by Tadashi H. Nakamura\n\nMONDAY\, APRIL 16th at 7pm</strong>\n\n UCLA - The Cooperage\n(Located on the A Level of Ackerman building)\n308 W estwood Plaza\nLos Angeles\, CA 90024-5000\n\n*Park in Parking Lot 6\nDire ctions:<a href=""> map/driving.html</a>\n\n\nPILGRIMAGE tells the inspiring story of how an a bandoned WWII\nconcentration camp has been transformed into a current-day symbol of\nrestrospection and solidarity in the aftermath of 9/11.\n\nThis event is FREE! Don't miss your chance to see PILGRIMAGE and the\nNATIVE GUNS perform live! Director Tadashi Nakamura will be in the\nhouse to dis cuss the film. For more information please contact Tad\nat: <a>tadillac@o</a>\n\n\n\nSynopsis of PILGRIMAGE:\n\nTotal running time: 20 min .\n\nPilgrimage tells the inspiring story of how a small group of Japanese \nAmericans in the late 1960s uncovered their lost history and created\nth e Manzanar Pilgrimage\, transforming the once-abandoned WWII American\ncon centration camp into a vibrant symbol of retrospection and\nsolidarity for people of all ages\, races and nationalities in our post\n9/11 world.\n\n Although there are now numerous films on the mass incarceration of\nJapane se Americans during World War II\, this dark chapter of American\nhistory lay virtually forgotten until 1969 when two young Japanese\nAmericans set out to find a place called Manzanar and ended up\ncreating an annual event that has since attracted thousands of people.\nCalling it a ?pilgrimage\, ? it was the first public event in the nation\nto call attention to the re ality of the WWII concentration camp\nexperience that had almost been dele ted from public\nunderstanding.\n\nWith a hip music track\, never-before-s een archival footage and a\nstory-telling style that features both old and new pilgrims\,\nPilgrimage is the first film to show how the WWII camps w ere reclaimed\nby the children of its victims and how the Manzanar Pilgrim age now has\nfresh meaning for diverse generations of people who realize t hat when\nthe US government herded thousands of innocent Americans into wh at the\ngovernment itself called concentration camps\, it was failure of\n democracy that would affect all Americans. As the U.S. is again in\ntumult uous times\, Pilgrimage is a timely and engaging film that brings\nnew and much-needed insight to the lessons of the past for our post\n9/11 world.\ n\nSponsored by:\nUCLA Center for EthnoCommunications\, UCLA Center for Co mmunity\nPartnerships\, UCLA Asian American Studies Center\, CAPSA\, MSA\, NSU\,\nSamahang Pilipino SUMMARY:"Pilgrimage" Film Screening & Native Guns Performance- FREE! URL:/en/events/2007/04/16/pilgrimage-film-screening--native-guns-performanc e/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR