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Little Momo in the Big Apple

The Lessons of Mirikitani

Simone Momoye Fujita

I recently sat down for a long overdue viewing of the documentary The Cats of Mirikitani. (Darryl Mori has written an excellent and thorough review of the film in a previous Discover Nikkei article—please check it out!)

Little Momo in the Big Apple

Summer Recap: Eating New York!

Simone Momoye Fujita

I am a very big fan of food. In fact, some might even say I am obsessed with it. I schedule my weekend outings around gustatory adventures scattered across the city. Likewise, I often plan my lunch and dinner meals carefully in order to ensure that I can fit in ...

Little Momo in the Big Apple

Culture Clashes from Coast to Coast - Part 2 of 2

Simone Momoye Fujita

>> Part 1Part 2: East Coast StyleWhen I decided to attend college in New York, I knew there would be a period of adjustment after leaving my family and home state of California, but I did not anticipate the type of culture shock that ensued. This culture shock did not arise ...

Little Momo in the Big Apple

Culture Clashes from Coast to Coast - Part 1 of 2

Simone Momoye Fujita

The Academy Award-winning 2004 film Crash was touted as a painfully honest and true-to-life portrayal of race relations in Los Angeles, but when I viewed the film, there was very little about it that resembled the city that my family has called home for several generations.

Little Momo in the Big Apple

Half vs. Double: Hybrid Mathematics

Simone Momoye Fujita

My mother is Japanese American, and my father is African American.According to this equation, most would assert that this fact makes me exactly one-half Asian and one-half Black, right? I whole-heartedly disagree. When faced with an either/or dilemma, I will defiantly choose the both/and option. The sum ...

Little Momo in the Big Apple

Greetings from New York!

Simone Momoye Fujita

Hello, and welcome! My name is Simone Momoye Fujita, and I will be writing a new column for Discover Nikkei entitled Little Momo in the Big Apple. This bi-monthly column will be a series of reflections upon my current and past adventures living in New York City, written from the ...

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