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Memories of New Year's Celebrations

Bobby Okinaka

Happy New Year! What makes this holiday so special is the chance to start over again. But before looking forward, it’s nice to take a quick look back.

Book Review: Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine

Bobby Okinaka

When a newborn baby comes into the world, everything is a wonder. The bright lights, the strange noises, the sensation of being surrounded by tall strangers poking around overwhelm the senses. The baby enters the world a blank slate waiting for instruction. And yet, on some basic level, it already …

Bridging the Gap in Los Angeles’ Nikkei Cultural Identity

Bobby Okinaka

Los Angeles has long been a gateway between Japan and the United States. It started over one hundred years ago when the first Issei landed on the California coast in search of better opportunities and continues today with Japanese businessmen and their families flying into LAX.

James Shigeta


This collection takes a look at the film career of James Shigeta. James Shigeta is not just an Asian American actor, he is a leading man. During a time when …

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Lived in Los Angeles and Tokyo. Now in Kochi prefecture, Japan.

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