Mitsuyoshi "Beans" Sogioka

Gender Male
Birth date 1919-9-18
Place of birth Baldwin Park CA, U.S.A.
Inducted 1941-3-12, Ft. MacArthur CA
Enlistment type Draftee
Service branch Army
Service type War
Unit type Support
Units served 3rd Medical Battalion, Ft. Lewis, WA
Station Hospital, Camp Roberts, CA
Station Hospital, Camp Crowder, MO
Madigan General Hospital, Ft. Lewis, WA
Military specialty #861 - Surgical Technician
Stationed USA:
Ft. Lewis, WA
Camp Roberts, CA
Camp Crowder, MO
Ft. Lewis, WA
Separated Ft. Lewis WA
Unit responsibility Give medical aid to patients.
Personal responsibility Assist surgeons during surgical operation in operating room.
Awards, medals, citations (individual or unit) Pre-Pearl Harbor Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Living conditions Slept in regular barracks - shower bath.
Meals in hospital were excellent, can't complain.
Every military post had theaters strategically scattered throughout the base.
We were allowed to come and go as we pleased with passes from the orderly room.
Most vivid memory of military experience My first day as a hospital orderly, I was asked to give nose drops to a patient lying on his back. I accidentally dropped it in his eyes. It was an accident.
Missed most whilst in the military Some rice, but it wasn't unbearable. I went 57 mo.s without it. It was no big deal with me.
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? Being just 21 - it taught us to be independent, on your own. It made us grow up to be a man. Learn how to get along with others - respect your officer - obey orders.
Additional information Being Japanese, we were self conscious, quiet, obedient. But when we became cpls and sgts, we got up and shouted orders to lower rank enlisted men. From boys we became men.

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