Steve Yoshimi “Pineapple” Nagareda

Gender: Male
Birth date: 1946-9-25
Place of birth: Honolulu HI, U.S.A.
Inducted: 1966-10-11, Ft. DeRussy HI
Enlistment type: Volunteer
Service branch: Usaf
Service type: War
Unit type: Support
Units served: U.S. Air Force
Military specialty: 32551 - Avionics Instrument System Specialist
Stationed: USA: Lackland AFB, Tx; Chanute AFB, IL; Travis AFB, CA
Other Countries: Yokota AFB, Japan
Unit responsibility: Shop repair of avionic instrument systems and flight line repair and installation of indicator instruments.
Personal responsibility: Repair avionic instruments and test instrument at bench test. (At times have 2 hours to repair avionics instrument and test for C-141).

I was in the support group of 60th Military Airlift Wing at Travis AFB and Yokota AFB.

Awards, medals, citations
(individual or unit)
Living conditions: Living condition - good.
Slept in open bay, 2 men room, 4 men room.
Bathed in open shower and single bath.
Meals were always hot and choice of meals.
For entertainment - USO, NCO Club, movies, squadron picnics.
Most vivid memory of military experience: As a Japanese-American, I was treated nice and accepted by the American Families of different races. Respected one another.
Missed most whilst in the military: Mom's home cooking, and dad support of me.
Christmas Day
Thanksgiving Day
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? Understanding the value of life and the support of your buddies to be with you in time of need. I don't want to see my son and daughter go to war. No one wins. Just the family will suffer and worry.

Nikkei Names: Taro, John, Juan, João?

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