Frank Y. Morimoto

Gender: Male
Birth date: 1915-10-7
Place of birth: Monrovia CA, U.S.A.
Inducted: 1941-1-30, Ft. McArthur CA
Enlistment type: Volunteer
Service branch: Army
Service type: War
Unit type: Combat
Units served: 32nd Infantry 7 Div.; 'F' Co. 442nd RCT
Military specialty: Mechanic
Stationed: Italy; France; Ft. Ord, CA; Ft. Custer; Camp Shelby, MS; Camp Blanding.
Separated: Ft. Lewis WA
Unit responsibility: Infantry combat
Personal responsibility: Rifleman
Major battles
(if served in a war zone)
Battle of Bruyeres; Rescue of the Lost Battalion (Vosges Mountains); Champagne Campaign in the Maritime Alps
Awards, medals, citations
(individual or unit)
Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Distinguished Unit Badge, Rifle Marksman
Living conditions: Typical combat conditions--slept in foxholes, bathed in army portable showers or streams, ate K Rations and C Rations, wrote letters and shopped when possible.
Most vivid memory of military experience: The Banzai Hill charge, the rescue of the Lost Battalion, to visit the grave of my brother-in-law Henry Kondo--'E' Co.
Missed most whilst in the military: My family, the good food and entertainment
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? War is hell!!! It is a senseless way to resolve disputes. The enemy is a human just like we are. Your combat buddies are special and will never be forgotten.

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