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Our American Journey: Stories from King/Drew Magnet High School Students

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By Brandon S.

Do you have a favorite sport team that you and your father watch together? The main idea of this is that people may leave but there belongings are all ways here and here to stay. I asked what holds special to them. She replied a Baltimore raven jersey. I’m thinking to my self saying why a ravens jersey when there are millions all over the country. I continued and I asked when you received it she said in 2004 when her father had passed away, that caught my attention.

She received this jersey before he had passed away. The meaning of it is how they both enjoy the sport, football. Since I was asking these questions I was guessing that he was very big ravens football fan since it was a super bowl jersey when the ravens made in 2000-2001 season playoffs and also get this the Baltimore raven used to be the Cleveland browns before they became there own team. Then I asked her what does it reminds her. She replied it reminds her of her of her father and his passion for the game.

The next question was an interesting one; does she still maintain the item? She said “yes I still have it.” I asked her why she still has it because some people don’t want to keep stuff of someone that they were close to. She still keeps it because it was a special bond with her and her farther. Then I asked does anyone in the family have an item just like it. She said no just her has it in the family.

Then this is where things get interesting. She also mentioned that it wasn’t the only thing reminds her of him, like her I only remember him from pictures because he is my grandfather. I asked was it passed on from generation to generation (from his father to his him); she answered no just from him to her, parent to child. The other special thing about this item is when the ravens won two super bowls. Last she said that there are no other items that remind of her father besides the pictures, jersey, and gravesite. That is why the jersey is special to her. The American identity of this is that is American football everyone from all races to watch this sport.

In conclusion this it may have little to nothing to my grandfather but if you think about it he past away so he is gone that is why I choose this story. Which brings me back to the main point, “people may leave but there belongings are here to stay. That is my essay and the thing that my mother holds to remind her of her father

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The Baltimore Ravens' Jersey
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Brandon's mother uses this Baltimore Ravens' jersey to remember her father. This is a part of the "Our American Journey" Project between ... More »

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