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Our American Journey: Stories from King/Drew Magnet High School Students

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The Blanket Journey

By Rosa U.

The family member i decided to interview was my sister Getsemany S.  She was born March 12,1994 in Durango,Mexico.  She came to Los Angeles when she was five years old.  She is now nineteen years old and is currently attending college.  She came to Los Angeles with her grandma to come live with her mom.

The artifact she brought with her when she migrated here was a blanket.  The blanket is yellow it has a teddybear holding on to balloons and birds around the bear.  She has had the cover for nineteen years now.  Her godfather Gustabo gave it to her mom as a baby shower gift.  This blanket is special to her because her godfather gave it to her mom as a baby shower gift and it was the first blanket they used to wrap her with when she was just a new born.  The cover is also special to her because it reminds her of her childhood and when she use to have picnics with her blanket.Another reason it is special to her is because she remembers that her dad use to tug her into sleep with that cover.  She does not know exactly where they made it but she knows it was made in Mexico.  She plans to keep the blanket and pass it down to her kids.

When she came here she was very exited because she was going to see her mom after five months of not seeing her.  She was also sad because she knew her mom had came to America because she was detected with cancer and was going to be able to get better treatment here.  When she came here she expected it to be very beautiful and to have a better life here but it didn’t take them long to realize that life here was going to be hard and was going to take time to accomplish there “American dream.”  Something that was difficult for them was having to learn English here since almost everyone they went people did not know spanish.  This blanket has a lot of significance to our family because it reminds us where we are from and the family my mom and sister left when they decided to come here.  It also represents hard times for my family and that  the “American dream” is possible!

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Getsemany's Blanket
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