Nikkei Chronicles #9—More Than a Game: Nikkei Sports

What makes Nikkei sports more than just a game for you? Perhaps you’d like to write about your Nikkei sports hero or the impact of Japanese athletes on your Nikkei identity. Did your parents meet through a Nikkei basketball or bowling league? Are you intrigued by an important chapter of Nikkei sports history, like the prewar Issei and Nisei baseball teams?

For the ninth edition of Nikkei Chronicles, Discover Nikkei solicited stories related to Nikkei sports from June to October of 2020. Voting closed on November 30, 2020. We received 31 stories (19 English; 6 Japanese; 7 Spanish; and 1 Portuguese), with a few submitted in multiple languages. We asked an editorial committee to pick their favorites and our Nima-kai community to vote for their favorite stories. Here are the selected favorite stories. 

Editorial Committee’s Favorites

Nima-kai Favorite:

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Family History of Kenichi Doi, Vancouver Asahi pitcher in 1926

Kenichi Doi was a pitcher for the Vancouver Asahi baseball team in 1926 who originally played with the Cumberland baseball team on Vancouver Island B.C. Canada.

I am lucky that my friend Norm Ibuki introduced me to his close friend, George Doi, Kenichi Doi’s son, who shared his father’s history with me.

George was just a child during the height of Kenichi’s baseball days, so he does not have any memories of the actual games, other than getting into the back of an open truck to go to a game and watch it. In those days ...

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Not Your Average Basketball Camp

Playing basketball has always been more than just a game for me. It’s about the relationships you make on and off the court. Growing up in the Japanese American (JA) basketball community, I not only learned the fundamentals of basketball, but also established lifelong relationships. I’m sure many of us can relate – whether it’s basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. – sports are an important vehicle that teaches us many life lessons. Through the connections and friendships I made growing up playing basketball, I got involved with a nonprofit organization called Not Your Average Basketball Camp (NYABC), whose mission is ...

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Virtual Walk Around The World – 40,075 km

I have often being asked, “Why do you walk so much?” “Don’t you get tired?” and my reply would invariably be that I love brisk walks and I hardly ever get tired. But now I too have pondered those same questions.

I believe my passion for walking started at a very young age. Being uprooted and incarcerated in internment camps during WWII and struggling for bare necessities to survive led me to recognize the values of health and money.

While still a young teenager, I started working in logging camps felling trees with my Dad to help out my ...

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Our Daily Radio Taiso Workouts

Every morning, rain or shine, they're there for the Radio Taiso practice.

The site is a sports court located in the Chácara Inglesa neighborhood, in the capital city of São Paulo. A small staff takes turns opening the entrance gate and setting up the place with a table and stereo.

As a large number of Nikkei live in the neighborhood, it's hardly surprising that at least 30 percent of the regulars are of Japanese descent.

Little by little, they start to arrive, all excited, ready for the assemblage and the usual greetings, hugs (at a time ...

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Championship of Destiny: Lodi JACL Templars Win Crown For the First Time

As we all go through the pandemic of 2020, we have all suffered and endured great and small – some are mere inconveniences and some are immeasurable losses.

For the first time since World War II, the Northern Californian Japanese American Baseball League (Lodi, Florin, San Francisco, and Fresno) had to cancel it’s summer season due to the guidelines put in place by the State, as did our counterparts down in Southern California and leagues all around the United States.

Although we never took the field, our baseball community remains alive and well, looking forward to 2021 – as the old ...

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