The Nikkei of Latin America and Latino Nikkei

Lic. Alberto Matsumoto examines the many different aspects of the Nikkei in Japan, from migration politics regarding the labor market for immigrants to acculturation with Japanese language and customs by way of primary and higher education.  He analyzes the internal experiences of Latino Nikkei in their country of origin, including their identity and personal, cultural, and social coexistence in the changing context of globalization.

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Nikkei and War: 30 Years After My Participation in the Malvinas War

Migration from Japan officially began more than 150 years ago, starting with Japanese arriving in Hawaii, the United States, and Canada, and later Peru and Brazil just over 100 years ago. During that time, Japan has faced several wars, notably with China (1894-95), Russia (1904-05), and several Asian countries as a result of the imperial occupation that began in the 1920s. And finally, World War II, a grueling conflict with the United States. Each of these events brought a great deal of uncertainty and misery to Japanese migrants.

In the late 1930s, there were about 300,000 Japanese and Nikkei ...

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Carlos Kasuga: An Example of Nikkei Leadership in the Americas

Any Nikkei leader in the Americas either personally knows or has heard of Carlos Kasuga because of his achievements as a businessman in Mexico, or because of his role in the Nikkei Panamerican Association. Not many are familiar, however, with the story of his migration from Japan to Mexico. According to the Encyclopedia of Nikkei of the American Continent Americano1, it all began with Enomoto’s efforts to establish a settler colony in Chiapas in 1897. Enomoto was quite the celebrity, having served as Minister of Foreign Relations in the Meiji government, although he had initially fought against the ...

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世界各地の「日系人」ー幕末から今日まで ― その2

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日本国は、海外移住と同じかそれ以上に北海道移住を大きな優先課題と位置づけていた。帝政ロシアの樺太や蝦夷地 ...

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世界各地の「日系人」ー幕末から今日まで ― その1


明治維新前の日本というと「鎖国」のイメージが強い。しかし鎖国中も長崎の出島を通じて限定的ではあるが情報や物資が国内に流入しているし、キリシタン弾圧から逃れるため17世紀初頭には多数のキリスト教徒が外国船でポルトガル領のマカオや、当時スペイン領だったフィリピンのマニラやミンダナオ等に逃げたといわれている。また、鎖国以前には、琉球や朝鮮 ...

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これらの移住地は戦後移住者によるものであるが、ボリビアの日本人移住史は戦前にさかのぼる ...

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