Canadian Nikkei Artist

Canadian Nikkei Artist series will focus on those in the Japanese Canadian community who are actively involved in the ongoing evolution: the artists, musicians, writers/poets and, broadly speaking, anybody else in the arts who grapples with their sense of identity. As such, the series will introduce Discover Nikkei readers to a wide range of ‘voices’, both established and emerging, that have something to say about their identity. This series aims to stir this cultural pot of Nikkeiness and, ultimately, build meaningful connections with Nikkei everywhere.

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Ottawa Artist Norman Takeuchi: Scrolling Exhibition

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, restrictions have not slowed down Ottawa Nisei artist Norman Takeuchi who recently launched his second exhibition in two years: Equal Time and this one entitled Scrolling.

Takeuchi’s father Nawoki was from Kochi and mother, Miyoko, was born in Vancouver. During World War Two the family stayed in the small Okanagan community of Westwold, BC along with some other Japanese Canadian families. After the war, they returned to Vancouver where his father reestablished his gardening business and mom set up a dress-making shop.

Born in Vancouver, Takeuchi, recalling his nascent interest in art, …

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The Yume. Digital Dreams Art Project: Shifting Paradigms

The Yume. Digital Dreams art project

The Yume. Digital Dreams art project launched by Julie Tamiko Manning (Montreal) and Matt Miwa (Ottawa), co-Artistic Producers of Tashme Productions, pairs 14 prominent Japanese Canadian artists, working in a process that invites viewers to follow their evolution in bi-monthly updates. The aim is to present a culminating presentation online on May 15, 2022.

The project creators reached out to artists who are included in The Japanese Canadian Artists Directory (JCAD) that was launched in 2017, a collaboration with the National Association of Japanese Canadians, Powell Street Festival Society (Vancouver), and the Art Committee …

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Hastings Park Revisited with Artist Henry Tsang

I first met artist and professor Henry Tsang back in 2019 at the Powell Street Festival, where he was conducting 360 Riot Walk(ing) tours in the Paueru Gai/Nihonmachi area of Vancouver using iPads and images along the route that white rioters followed in a racist rampage through the Chinatown and Powell Street areas in 1907.

The tour is described as follows: “The Anti-Asian Riots were one of the most significant events in the history of Vancouver. 360 Riot Walk is an audio-visual experience that traces the history and route of the mob that attacked both the Chinese Canadian and …

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Miya Turnbull: The Face Behind the Mask - Part 2

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If you were to design a mask for yourself for these times, what might it look like?

My favourite recent mask that has come out of the pandemic is a “Woven” mask. I cut up two self-portrait masks and wove the pieces together. Because they don’t fit exactly together, there are pieces of extra eyes and lips which gives a “glitchy” look to it. The interlaced pieces can be seen in terms of mixed race identity or different aspects of our persona woven together. The best part about this mask is that it falls apart when …

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Miya Turnbull: The Face Behind the Mask - Part 1

“The artist is meant to put the objects of this world together in such a way that through them you will experience that light, that radiance which is the light of our consciousness and which all things both hide and, when properly looked upon, reveal.”

—Teacher, translator and author, from The Hero With A Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell (1904-1987)  

By now, we all understand what it is to be the face behind the mask, don’t we?

Reflecting on this and on doing some research about masks, one other quote really stood out for me. It is from Quebec writer …

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