Kizuna: Nikkei Stories from the 2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

In Japanese, kizuna means strong emotional bonds.

This series shares stories about Nikkei individual and/or community reaction and perspectives on the Great Tohoku Kanto earthquake on March 11, 2011 and the resulting tsunami and other impacts—either about supporting relief efforts or how what has happened has affected them and their feeling of connection to Japan.

If you would like to share your reactions, please see the “Submit an Article” page for general submission guidelines. We welcome submissions in English, Japanese, Spanish, and/or Portuguese, and are seeking diverse stories from around the world.

We hope that these stories bring some comfort to those affected in Japan and around the world, and that this will become like a time capsule of responses and perspectives from our global Nima-kai community for the future.

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There are many organizations and relief funds established around the world providing support for Japan. Follow us on Twitter @discovernikkei for info on Nikkei relief efforts, or check the Events section. If you’re posting a Japan relief fundraising event, please add the tag “JPquake2011” to make it appear on the list of earthquake relief events.

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とはいえ、欧州の多くの大使館は退避勧告を出したり、関西方面もしくは隣国に大使館の全部、又は一部を臨時的に移転、又は閉鎖した。多くの外資系企業や国際機関も同様の措置をとり、欧米ブランド店の中には3~4週間臨時休業をしたところもある1。その理由は主に海外メディアの報道姿勢にあったとされるが、福島原発で水素爆発があった瞬間から放射能汚染におびえて海外の報道はかなりエスカレートし、パニック状態に陥ったと言える。そして、そのパニックが本国の政府(外務省 ...

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