Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest II

The Little Tokyo Historical Society conducted its second annual short story (fiction) writing contest which concluded on April 22, 2015 at a reception in Little Tokyo in which the winners and finalists were announced. Last year's contest was entirely in English whereas this year's contest also had a youth category and a Japanese-language category, with cash prizes awarded for each category. The only requirement (other than the story could not exceed 2,500 words or 5,000 Japanese characters) was that the story had to involve Little Tokyo in some creative manner.

Winners (First Place)

Some of the Finalists to be featured are:



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culture en

Floating Home

Life is a river 
Shall I fight the current or 
Let go and float home

Papa removed his hat and leaned into the cab window. “Can you take us to First and San Pedro?” he asked.

“Sure. Get in.” The cab driver snuffed his cigarette in the ashtray before getting out to open the trunk. Papa tossed in our suitcases, then took the front seat. Mama and I scooted into the back.

“Why didn’t Papa give him the address to our house?” I whispered.

She put her finger to her mouth. “Shhh!”

She’d been doing that a lot ...

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war ja




案の定、引き出しが出てこない。ぐっと手前に引っ張ると、開くには開いたけれど、何かが変だ。中段を開けてみる。中段と下段では引き出しの高さが違っていた ...

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community ja




やす子が何度も泊まるホテルは、入り口のガラスのドアを開けると、幅の狭い階段だけがあった。二階以上が客室だった。エレベーターがないから、その狭い急な階段をスーツケースを引きずりあげるのに、喘いだものだが、二回目からは下から声をかけると若いフロントの手伝いが飛んできてくれた。「あ、きたきた。ほいほい ...

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community ja


“Wow! Mom look at that guy juggling so many balls!”


身体は、いっぱしのジャグラーの演技をしたまま、僕の心は東京を旅立ち、ここロサンジェルスに来てからの様々な思い出を ...

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