Nikkei Chronicles #8 — Nikkei Heroes: Trailblazers, Role Models, and Inspirations

The word “hero” can mean different things to different people. For this series, we have explored the idea of a Nikkei hero and what it means to a variety of people. Who is your hero? What is their story? How have they influenced your Nikkei identity or your connection to your Nikkei heritage?

We solicited stories from May to September of 2019, and voting closed on November 15, 2019. We received 32 stories (16 English; 2 Japanese; 11 Spanish; and 3 Portuguese) from individuals in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Peru, and the United States.

Here are the selected favorite stories by our Editorial Committee and the Nima-kai. 

Editorial Committee’s Favorites

Nima-kai selection:

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My Hero: Setsutaro Hasegawa

By the time I was born in the early 1960s, the long shadow of World War Two was starting to fade. The 1950s and ’60s saw wave after wave of immigrants arrive in Australia but almost no Asians or Japanese. The white Australia policy still prevailed and if the colour of my skin was anything to go by it succeeded, however I still had my Japanese name.

My father was born Raymond Taro Hasegawa, son of Leo Takeshi Hasegawa and grandson of Setsutaro Hasegawa (ST Hasegawa), a Japanese immigrant to Australia who had arrived in 1897 prior to federation and ...

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Unsung Heroes of the Japanese Canadian Internment

In present day Canada, the high profile Nikkei we hear of so often are people like David Suzuki, Joy Kogawa, Muriel Kitagawa, Thomas Shoyama, Santa Ono, Raymond Moriyama, Art Miki, Mary and Tosh Kitagawa, and athletes like Paul Kariya (hockey), Nathan Hirayama (Rugby 7), Vicky Sunohara (Olympic hockey), Special Olympic skier Brian McKeever and the Hall of Fame Vancouver Asahi baseball team (1914-1941).

From 1942-1949, during the forced relocation from the B.C. coast beyond the 100-mile radius east to various internment camps, who were the unsung heroes? This is my list.

Nikkei Women:

When the federal government of Canada ...

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Heróis: sonho, trabalho e transformação

Oh! Sonhos! Sonhos! Sonhos! Nada está finalizado pela mão humana, principalmente quando ela está doutro lado do mundo. É com essas mãos calejadas pelo tempo, pela história, que o peso da cultura transforma a terra em arte, moldando a argila, religando cada elemento até chegar ao produto final. Tudo parece pronto e acabado. Não, nada disso está terminado até porque cada peça vai ser única e a natureza fará seu retoque final.

As marcas entre o vivido, o presente e o futuro são cada vez mais fortes, elas vêm unidas como um Sísifo ...

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Cynthia: Mil grullas, una flor de cerezo y la fugacidad de la vida

Desde que tengo memoria, como todo aquel que nació en el Perú en los años noventa, Japón ha estado muy presente en mi vida. Cómo olvidar la primera vez que sintonicé y vi por primera vez Dragon Ball o Saint Seiya, o incluso Dekirukana o Teatro de Marionetas. El haber nacido y vivido en Jesús María, cerca del Centro Cultural Peruano Japonés, también hizo que desde pequeño me emocionara mucho por aprender más sobre esta cultura tan interesante. No obstante, no sería sino hasta un tiempo después que terminar ...

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Masao Iimuro: Fortaleza y ejemplo de una comunidad que superó la injusticia y la persecución



日系人と日本人を含む12万人がアメリカの収容所に移送されたことや飯室氏が収監されたことが、アメリカの日本人移住者に対する暴力的及び極端ともいえる措置の証である。だからこそ飯室氏自身の証言を得ることは、メキシコの歴史にとっても非常に重要なことであると思っていた。そしてなんとか探すことができ、インタビューをお願いしたのだがそれに対して断固として話したくないと断られてしまっったのである。しかし ...

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