Jill Yuzuriha

Jill Yuzuriha is a senior at Stanford University double majoring in Asian American Studies and Biology. She is a Yonsei and is originally from Vancouver, Washington. During the summer of 2009 she was an intern at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in Portland, Oregon, through the Community Research Summer Internship program of Stanford's Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. After graduating from Stanford, she plans to attend graduate school to become an optometrist.

Updated December 2009

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Taken: Oregon Japanese Arrested by the FBI During World War II - Part 2

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Each of the interviews conducted so far have been with Nisei, or second generation Japanese Americans, who grew up in Oregon and were the children of men who were arrested by the FBI following the December, 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor.  All of the interviewees cited changes in their world views and in their families due to the internment experience, of which the early arrests of their fathers were a significant part.

One interviewee, who grew up in Hood River, Oregon, told the story of his father, a highly successful businessman and community leader.  His father was ...

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war en

Taken: Oregon Japanese Arrested by the FBI During World War II - Part 1


Imagine that you are sixteen years old. It is a Sunday evening, and you are relaxing with your family after dinner. Suddenly, there is a knock at the front door. Two FBI agents are standing erect, demanding to see your father. They take him into custody before you have a chance to alert your mother, who happens to be taking a bath and so is unaware of your father’s arrest. Confused, you ask the FBI agents when you can expect to see your father again. They tell you they do not know; they only need to ask a ...

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